Good Days, Bad Days: Why Your Anxiety Is Worse On Some Days Than Others

Mondays suck, but it’s on Sundays that my anxiety totally decides to go haywire. I can always count on at least one lengthy, angst-filled episode to rear its ugly head, ruining my day. Things tend to get worse as the day winds down, each hour drawing me closer and closer to the reality of walking into the office bright and early Monday morning.

Anticipating the stress the week has in store could be it, or just simply thinking about the number of story assignments I have to get done before deadline. And don’t get me started on my personal responsibilities. All I know is, come Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, those feelings of anxiety have pretty much dissipated. That is, until Sunday rolls back around, starting the cycle all over again.

The constant up and down, highs and lows led me to question why certain days of the week trigger my anxiety — or better, why I experience anxiety on some days more than others? I did some digging, and the answer kind of surprised me.

For one reason or another, certain days of the week can trigger feelings of dread and jitters, much like seasons or significant milestones can trigger anxiety, according to The Chicago Tribune. The trick to overcoming it all is to recognize what’s causing your funky mood patterns and then taking the necessary steps to reclaim your day.

“The whole point of being aware of what’s likely to affect you is so that you don’t have to be the passive recipient of life’s experiences that day,” Dr. John Sharp, a psychiatrist told the newspaper.

I personally haven’t mastered this “awareness” just yet, but I’m working on it. It’s harder than it sounds, especially because anxiety is self-sustaining. The feelings and symptoms associated with anxiety typically cause more anxiety, hence my horrible Sundays. But an extensive 2012 study revealed our “bad days” actually aren’t as sucky as they seem.

As reported by the Tribune, the report “… found that people were no more glum on Monday than they were on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. They were significantly more chipper on Friday, Saturday and Sunday — with no difference in happiness levels between the weekend days.”

Interesting. So it’s pretty much all in my head? Yup, because that’s just what anxiety is. Your mind playing tricks on you, feeding you lies in an effort to “protect” you. It seems my so-called “Sunday blues” aren’t much different.

Moving  forward, the goal is to be more aware of the stuff that makes me anxious and handle it accordingly. That’s starts with acknowledging everyday won’t be perfect and that some days are just better than others.

So here’s a reminder: don’t fret. They’re just “days” and you’ll have plenty more.


Author: tanasiakenney

Here's the gist of it - I'm 24. I'm a local Atlanta reporter. Former chief copy editor of the KSU Sentinel. Aspiring broadcast journalist & dancer. Novice Blogger. Reality TV junkie. Interesting enough, right? :)

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