8 Things Your Anxious Friend Wants You Know … So Listen Up!

pexels-photo-573317.jpegWhen you’ve got a friend battling anxiety, sometimes it’s hard to understand when their symptoms rear their ugly head. The mood swings, panic attacks and occasional outburst will have you looking like “… what the f*ck?!” So, from one anxious person to the rest of y’all, here are a few things we (the ever-anxious) want you guys to know so we can get through the ups and downs together!

  1. Whatever you do, don’t tell your anxious friend to calm down.
    This one is is pretty self-explanatory. We know our fears are irrational and we don’t need a reminder that we may be “overreacting.” So just, don’t.
  2. Irritability may takeover from time to time, so bear with us.
    Irritability and a short fuse are symptoms of anxiety, and they could pop up from time to time. I catch myself being short with family and friends when I’m in one of my moods but it passes, with a subsequent apology of course. Don’t take it personal.
  3. If we withdraw or go ghost, it’s nothing you did.
    Sometimes we just wanna be alone and closed off from the world. For me, I’m able meditate, reflect and hit my reset button when by myself. I’ll go ghost for three days if need be, social media included. Know it was nothing you did and understand that sometimes we need a breather. A “you aight?” text is always appreciated though!
  4. We’ll turn to you for the occasional vent session.
    I can’t tell you how many times I have blessed my friends with a lenghty, profanity-laden text in the middle of the day. In return, I get sound and sometimes straight up problematic advice lol. Just be prepared to be a listening ear on occasion.
  5. Sometimes we ONLY want your listening ear.
    All our vent sessions don’t need a response, I promise.
  6. Things you say/do may be triggering to us. We’ll alert you.
    Your anxious friend may suddenly spiral into a panic ,and you don’t know why.  Triggers are all around us and it may have been something you said. This isn’t to say you need to start walking on egg shells around us. However, if there’s something we feel you can do, or not do, we’ll let you know.
  7. Be there on the good days, but especially the bad days.
    Much like life, the road to mental and emotional wellness isn’t straight and narrow but promises many surprises. For every anxiety-free day I’ve had, I’ve also had two “I feel like complete crap” days — and my friends were always there. So, lastly …

     Thank you for being there. Your love and support is priceless (:

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