How to Deal When Your Workplace Isn’t Conducive to Your Mental Health

We all know work can get a bit stressful from time to time, no matter what field you’re in. But what happens when your job becomes the SOURCE of your anxiety or mental anguish? Who do you turn to and how do you deal?

Here are a few steps I took when faced with this reality. Feel free to add your own suggestions below!

Seek therapy, or simply vent to someone: I always try to seek help FIRST — there is no reason to suffer in silence. By speaking with a therapist, I was able to unpack my anxious thoughts, as well as talk through the issues I had with my supervisor’s ultra-problematic management style.

I know therapy is not accessible to everyone, however, so that is where your friends and family come in. In this case, my colleague was my confidant because we shared the same issues and frustrations with our upper management. Through our talks, we were able to come up with ways to voice our concerns in the most polite way possible.

Talk to your superiors about your workload: Let me make this clear first and foremost — YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DIVULGE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH STRUGGLE  — so DON’T feel obligated to. The point of meeting with your supervisors is to let ’em know you’re feeling overwhelmed and discuss any other issues that could be fueling your anxiety.  How they respond will tell you all you need to know about how much they value their employees.

If your needs aren’t met, find a new job: This last tip pretty self-explanatory. No job, well-paying or otherwise, is worth your health and mental stability. Everyone, and I mean everyone, deserves a workplace where they feel their efforts are valued and their health is a priority.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to add your own tips below.

Love always,
Tanasia K.

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